Human Rights

X v UK (European Court of Human Rights)

Kay v Secretary of State for Health

Pickering v Secretary of State for Health

Kynaston v Secretary of State for Health

Product Liability

Practolol (Eraldin)


Opren (Oraflex)

Dalkon Shield


Transport Disasters

British Airtours (Manchester Airport Crash)

Japan Airlines Crash

Herald of Free Enterprise Sinking (Zeebrugge)

Kings Cross Underground Fire

Lockerbie Bombing (Pan Am 103)

Piper Alpha Oil Rig Explosion

British Midland M1 Kegworth (Air Crash)

The Marchioness sinking (River Thames)

North Sea (Sikorsky Helicopter) Crash


The Lands End School Trip Disaster

The ‘Supergun’ (Arms to Iraq)

The Equitable Life Litigation

Blackburn v Newcastle Health Authority – clinical negligence

Dickinson v Jones & Alexander – solicitors’ negligence

W v Egdell – confidentiality

Conry v Simpson – limitation

Barber v Guardian Royal Exchange (European Court of Justice)

Camelford Environmental (Water) Pollution





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